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A few months ago I worked with stylist Izzy Gleeson on my Colouring Profile. As two fashion-forward creatives, we wanted to connect and share our love of styling and clothes with one another, and colors and prints are a major part of that journey for Izzy.

My colour consultation with Izzy consists of an analysis of the hair, eyes, and skin tones; from which she will determine your perfect seasonal colour palette amongst the four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Limiting to four seasons may seem too general, so she includes seasonal influencers to your colour profile, as well, making it more specific and tailored to you. My result: Autumn with a Summer Influence. Izzy explains how I have golden warm and ash blonde hair, green eyes, warm skin tone, and rosy cheeks.

"Any colour worn around the face will accentuate similar pigments in your skin tone. Keep this in mind if there is a particular colour in your complexion you don’t wish to embrace."

So let's break down the report and start with Autumn. My Autumn Homebase means that golden undertones are essential for my wardrobe, and Izzy explains to think of a crisp autumn day when thinking about my wardrobe ~ color-wise. This means muted clear tones and earthy tones, versus bright and clear colors. Specifically, olive, camel, dark grey, yellow, and the like, will make for a glowing look.

Now let's break down Summer influence. Not everyone will have an influential season, Izzy explains. My summer influence makes room for more bold-hued colors to highlight my features; muted color tones and pastels, specifically. Izzy mentions that I have "the luxury of wearing a lot of yellow tones".

Izzy goes into detail about how to work the colors that best suit me into my every day, essentials wardrobe. She focuses on light beige and khaki, light grey and pink. When it comes to bolder hues, she mentions salmon, yellow, olive. 

One of my favorite tips from my consultation and profile was to understand that wearing darker colors will make my ash-blonde hair appear darker, and just as well light colors will make my hair appear lighter. 

"Shopping should now be easier and more time-efficient that you know exactly what colours will bring out the very best version of you."

Isabel Gleeson is a knitwear and denim buyer for Ted Baker, as well as a stylist based in the UK and you can follow her on Instagram via @styledbyisabel_ ~ check out her styling services, including this extensive Colour Consultation on her website.

What I'm Wearing: our wool Sweater Vest, Rhode's Elodie Top in Olive, the Sophia Dress, our multi-hued Sweater Dress, Marigold Cotton Sweater, Sage Ruffle Top


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