Designer Capsule

Lex & Lynne has partnered with like-minded designers for the conscious consumer to curate a unique and humble womenswear collection. Our collection evolves from season to season as our founder Alexis Corry continues to explore the globe and discover new, emerging designers.

About Lex & Lynne

Discover the luxury knitwear and womenswear collection, Lex & Lynne. Inspired by founder Alexis Corry's world travels, our collection captures the relaxed look of resort life while investing in global communities.

Lex & Lynne creates opportunities for women in the Sierra Gorda, a region located 7,509 feet above sea level in the historic mining town of Mineral de Pozos in Mexico, to fulfill their craft and sustain a livelihood. Each knit is made in the comfort of the craftswoman’s own home, by hand, surrounded by her family.

Just as well, our newly released Woven Cottons collection is hand-crafted by artisans in India. Their studio embraces tradition, culture, and working in harmony.

Alexis believes in traditional techniques and honest materials when it comes to textiles. As each knit is made by hand, styles are limited in availability over the course of time.

"Sophisticated and ethically made, we create garments that tell a story with thriving materials just for you."

Alexis Corry, Lex & Lynne founder and designer

"Alexis has a creative eye, her taste is impeccable. Her own sweater line is a perfect embodiment of laid back American elegance with the highest quality materials - a consistent theme amongst everything that Alexis touches."

~ Milicent Armstrong, founder of Artemis Design Co.

Meet the Designer

Meet Lex & Lynne founder and designer Alexis Corry Kappel.

Alexis launched the Lex & Lynne boutique and brand six years ago and has been developing her slow-fashion knitwear line ever since.

Just as well, Alexis has curated a special lifestyle collection of like-minded designers just for you.

A believer in small-batch fashion that shares tradition and culture, Alexis draws inspiration from her travels around the globe that contribute to her designs.

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