L&L LAB: Custom Duster

L&L LAB: Custom Duster

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Design your very own L&L knit duster! Part of our new concept in-store and online, our L&L Lab Experience, you now have the unique opportunity to build your own granny-square cardigan with a few customizations. Granny squares have always been close to my heart. A symbol of nostalgia and different times. A time when grandmothers passed down heirloom pieces for generations. Choose your color, sleeve style, and size.

P.S. Our cardigan makes for a great traveling piece for your upcoming trips. Stuck in the airport or on the plane? You have a cozy walking blanket with you. ***Friendly Disclaimer: You may be stopped multiple times to be complimented on your cardigan. Ha! Something that happens to me quite often in my travels. 

Orders are limited! All orders must be placed by October 8th for a December 15th delivery. 

Over the Rainbow

A mix of playful, bright and happy colors. A energetic color palette that puts a little pep in your step on cloudy days. 

By the Water

Shades of tans, blues and blush pink. A calming palette that sitting by the beach, lake or river gives you. 

In the City

Shades of Black, White and Grey tones. A functional palette for walking the streets of New York, Chicago and London.

At the Cabin

Shades of Navy, Black, Tan, Grey and white. A cozy and warm palette for sitting by the fire after a day of skiing and playing in the snow. 

Style Long Bell Sleeve
Color Over the Rainbow
Size Small

the Lex & lynne difference

In honor of Lex & Lynne founder's sister, Lindsay Corry, we are donating 15% of all proceeds to help children with Juvenile (Type 1) Diabetes. Our donations will be made within the United States to counsel, mentor, and help children to cope with the disease.