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We kicked off the new year with new designs, new colorways, and new materials. As I mentioned last December, 2019 was a year of change. I made the decision to focus almost entirely on my handmade knitwear designs and expand the Lex & Lynne collection. I’ve continued to search for unique designers, artists, and lifestyle products for our Conscious Collection, a womenswear capsule that I created a little over a year ago out of the desire to support small designers that are making a difference in how clothes and products are made. And began working with artisans in India to design our Woven Cottons Collection.

I launched Lex & Lynne in 2011 as a simple beaded jewelry line that I made myself while partnering with designers that used interesting materials to create even more interesting products ~ take Ariane Dutzi for example who uses recycled burlap and is making a difference in her community. When I opened my brick-and-mortar boutique I quickly found myself growing out of the small collection that I started with and impulse-buying to meet the needs and wants of customers. I invested in big brand names, and in turn found myself constantly competing with promotional sales, department stores, and even the designers themselves. I loved everything I brought in to my store, every designer I worked with, but it was becoming exhausting. So as 2019 quickly approached, I decided to change things, and start working on bringing Lex & Lynne back to its basics.

So, why am I starting a blog now and sharing this with you? In December, one of my dear friends and fellow creatives, Christina, challenged me to go through Lex & Lynne’s first floor and explain my inspiration behind every single sweater that I designed. Christina wanted to know why the Sophia and Sienna dresses were an oatmeal hue, and not our classic ivory; how the Blush Merino Wool Sweater came about; and the like. And following those couple of hours at the store with Christina, I decided that sharing my creative process behind the collection is just as important as designing, showcasing, and selling the products themselves.

I’ve dappled in blogging for Lex & Lynne in the past and I found myself unable to relay and elaborate what is going on behind the scenes… until now. Personal travels with my husband, family, and friends combined with discovering new materials, experiencing different cultures, and embracing simplicity at home have inspired this new chapter of Lex & Lynne. With that being said, welcome to my blog!

While I plan to go back in time and re-live the moments that inspired each Lex & Lynne style, my new year brought on a profound interest in well-rounded mindfulness at home and in the workplace; health, wellness, and conscious brand buying. Therefore you'll notice I'll be sharing two types of posts here: creative brand blog posts and conscious-lifestyle blog posts. We also have a lot of exciting developments in the works. I recently launched our From the Heart Collection, a small selection of novelty knits with a lot of personality and bold hues. As well as our Woven Cottons Collection in March. 

I thank you for being here and being a part of Lex & Lynne’s journey. Special thanks to my team, Christina, Jordan McClain, and Merritt Lee. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified, follow us on Instagram, and stay tuned!

Styles in this post include our Cafe Crewneck Sweater worn by Lex, Wool Crop on Christina SteinSienna Dress on Rachel Landry, the Sophia Dress on Mia Gilroy, the Anette Knit Top on Danielle Mock, and one of our past styles Wool Cardigan.
Professional Photography by Merritt Lee • Stylist and Creative Director Christina Stein • Hair by La Pomponnee • Makeup by Katie Sasinoski • Featuring Models Danielle Mock, Rachel Landry, and Mia Gilroy • Location Lex & Lynne • Set Assistant Jordan McClain

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