Styled: Meraki Studio by Abbie Tyler Photography

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Featuring Abbie Tyler Photography and the girls of Meraki Studio, including founder Laura Escott in blush, and instructors Madison O'neill, Claudette Dagorn, Nicole Berezo, and Cathy Caggiano

We recently styled the girls at Meraki Studio for their spring photo shoot with local photographer Abbie Tyler. Inspired by their beauty and energy that is so well captured in Abbie's photography we wanted to feature these talented boss babes on our blog and our special curated collection just for you!

"I believe that there is a direct link between physicality of movement and emotion. If my clients can access this space then the workouts don't become about the aesthetics anymore they become about being kind to yourself. That is where the balance and healthful living is achieved." Laura Escott, Meraki Studio 
With over ten years in the health and fitness industry, founder Laura Escott has truly created something unique and different with the launch of Meraki Studio. The schedule at Meraki Studio mixes a number of techniques that are refreshing and fun, diligent and rewarding. 
"It is an honor to be welcomed in to my client's lives, to be a part of their love story, to share the joy and help celebrate one of the biggest blessings, the commitment of marriage." Abbie Tyler on Wedding Photography
Abbie Tyler Photography is located in Pittsburgh and specializes in wedding, portrait, and creative photography. Inspired by her own wedding and planning, Abbie "ditched" her corporate job and launched her photography business on a whim. " I've never been so sure of where I am right now and it feels like it is something that only comes a few times in this earthly life."
Abbie's aesthetic is clean, minimal, ethereal, and whimsical; all characteristics that we find perfect for your wedding day, a portrait, or a simple occasion.

"Meraki [may-rah-kee] is a modern Greek word used to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love." Meraki Studio, Pittbsburgh

Meraki Studio is located in the Strip District and specializes in BarreAmped; "with insights from Pilates, yoga, and orthopedic stretching also balance the method’s unique approach." Speaking from personal experience, the classes at Meraki Studio are positively lively with a natural flow that keeps you on your toes with your heart beat up. 

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